Being foreign to the regulations and laws in force, the shipowners or charterers are Obligatory to mandate a representative of the local authorities at the port of call.

NOSA Maritime acts as a regular or occasional agent for one or more shipowners. It carries out all the commercial, administrative, technical and legal operations of a ship during its call at an Algerian port. It negotiates the loading and unloading of the goods with the stevedores and supervises the operations of reception and delivery of the goods.

NOSA Maritime carries out the various administrative formalities (documents for the export, Bills of lading, declaration in customs). It develops the loading plan and, in case of insufficient freight volume, we prospect new customers. It negotiates with the stevedoring companies for the employment of the gang and equipment at the best rates. NOSA Maritime is also responsible for the distribution of ground handling expenses, the shipper and the shipowner, as well as the supply of water, supply and fuel. If necessary, it organizes a medical examination for the crew and the maintenance of the ship.

NOSA Maritime is also a shipping agent. For this function, it is in charge of negotiating and concluding contracts, managing finance, finding freight, setting up a commercial policy, contracting with customers, relations with customers, NOSA Maritime has an experienced and dynamic team offers a multitude of services associated with the consignment of ships and goods to know:

  • Agent ships.
  • Consignment of goods.
  • Chartering.
  • Crew changes.
  • Provision supply, water and all the need of the ship.
  • Bunkering in diesel, lubricants.
  • Repair and spare parts.
  • Any other operation that may be entrusted to the shipowner or the charterer of the vessel, including the negotiation and recovery of cargo.

Definition and Role:

The shipping agent works within a team whose mission is to take charge of the shipping company so that it is the fastest and least expensive possible. He shall represent and defend the interests of a shipowner in a sea / commercial port and shall take all the commercial, technical and administrative measures necessary for the best possible use of vessels transiting the port.